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Kayla is committed to helping her students develop healthy technique, expand their repertoire, access performance opportunities, and build confidence in who they are as a person and performer.

teaching philosophy
teaching philosophy

My approach to teaching voice is "person over performer". I will work with you on developing healthy vocal technique with an understanding of all parts of your voice and how to take care of it. This includes how you think about your voice. I am aware of the many negative stigmas we often have adopted about our voices and I’m committed to helping you undo them and love your voice, and ultimately yourself.


I believe the voice is a complete instrument and all parts are able to and should be used to create a well-rounded musician. This approach allows me to help “belters” discover and use their head voice and classical singers to learn how to belt and sing in contemporary styles.


I am also committed to making vocal training accessible and affordable for all. Once a month I offer studio hours where anyone can sign up for a pay-what-you-can lesson, no questions asked.


Above all, I am committed to helping you develop healthy technique, expand your repertoire, access opportunities for you to perform, and build confidence in who you are as a person and performer.


lauren koranda, college student testimonial

lauren smith, educator testimonial

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