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Kayla Capone Kasper Musical Theatre Reel
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In Conversation With…is a series Kayla created on Instagram where she partners with a different professional in the theatre industry each week to go LIVE and have conversation about their experiences in the industry, offer advice, answer questions, and learn. Click on an image to listen to the conversation and follow Kayla on Instagram @kaylacaponekasper to hear more.

podcast episodes
For The Girls+ (With Mia Soriano, Kayla Capone Kasper & Dan Eggers)

You are listening to The Actor Mindset Podcast Series; Episode 7. For The Girls+. I'm Hailey Lynn Elberg. Featuring Mia Soriano, Kayla Capone Kasper and Dan Eggers. Let's dive right in. Disclaimer: This podcast can cause some individuals to experience...

Kayla Capone Kasper - Vocal Coach

Dane Reis interviews entertainment professionals where guests share their journey’s through the industry to discover the fundamentals and golden nuggets that create a successful entertainment career! …you know, because training usually skips that part about how to actually make your skills work for you, in the real world.

S2 E8: The Coffee Cantata (It’s a Bach Thing)

A woman who walks the walk, Kayla Capone Kasper joins Coffee Beans and Booze to talk about being a musician, actor, and educator. Join the conversation with Kayla that leads down paths of vulnerability and what makes her determined to provide music education to students of all resource levels. Find out how our guest discovered her niche for educating and what surprising thing happened to her when she was in a youth choir.

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